Pedro Almodovar

1 Nov

Pedro Almodovar, a Spanish-born director, creates visually arresting films that mirror the depth and warmth of the colorful culture of Spain. Some of his recent movies include Talk To Her, the Oscar winning Volver, and the film featured in this link Broken Embraces, which is the most recent film.


Sarah Sze

29 Oct

This New York artist seems to make beautiful, fluid sculptures out of the crap from her recycling bin. She uses everyday, common objects to create multi-faceted installations. Her work reminds me of making towns and cities out of empty bottles and cans when I was young.

Amanda Wachob tattoos

21 Oct

Amanda Wachob is a tattoo artist in New York city. With success as a more traditional artist, she has made the leap over to body art. Her work ranges from traditional to abstract- a style barely visible in the world of tattoos. Aside from her amazing work, I also admired the presentation of her website, which gives her business a more professional appeal than most other tattoo websites.

Paintings with warm and cool hues

20 Oct

Both of these paintings by Pablo Picasso are examples of the use of both warm and cool hues in a composition. Using both hues can create depth and mood and exaggerate eachother.

Robert Frank’s “The Americans”

13 Oct


Robert Frank, a photographer born in Switzerland, took an epic road trip across America from 1955-1956. The result was a collection of descriptive and understated prints that illustrated the American ways of life from a foreign perspective. Click here to view a few photos from his collection that was recently n display at the MET.

Some Examples of Bad Design

12 Oct


The olympics design has me thinking “what is any of this supposed to mean?” The symbols used other than the logo don’t convey anything important or understandable to the viewer. As for the Dora toy, this wasn’t even the most inappropriate thing that I found in my search.

Tumblr blog

5 Oct

Check out my other blog. I mainly use it to post music, videos, and interesting things I find on the internet. Sometimes I include pictures of pieces I’ve completed from my art classes.