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Art and Text

8 Dec

Movie posters are a common example of how art is mixed with text. They can vary greatly in style. For example, this poster for The Birds is a simple and retro design with text hidden partially behind the image background.



Image and Text

1 Dec

This is a great example of how an image can interact with text. This is a quick sketch on a page of notes that I found online on the website

Map Tattoos

18 Nov

I came across a photo of a map tattoo on the cover of an art magazine a couple weeks ago. Its sparked my interest because It was something I had not seen in body art before and it pointed to the unique and interesting aesthetic of maps in general; they sit in their own genre as a means to convey information, while also having the capacity to be a true work of art. These tattoos are a few examples of how the “map aesthetic” can become decorative. One is a map of China, the one I came across on the cover of the art magazine, and the other is a subway map.

History and Culture of Body Art

10 Nov

The second part of the Body Art Documentary

The History and Culture of Body Art

2 Nov

This is the first video of a great 7-part documentary on many kinds of body art from around the world.

Josh Willis

1 Nov

This artist is a friend of my boyfriend. His work is pretty interesting and varied. In the site, he breaks his work into 7 series. While some are better than others, he showcases a great scope of knowledge on different styles of painting.

Pure color

1 Nov

This background is a pure red color. And it’s true: politeness does pay.